Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 5 searched articles from this blog

This is kinda funny. I can't say for sure which one of the many articles on here has been the most hit on page. I can say though which ones are being searched for and clicked on the most via search engine (such as Google). I'd encourage re-checking them out.

Here are the current top 5:

1) The Jail Blazers Revisited

2) How Expedia Works... What they don't want you to know

3) Cattle branding for Dummies by a Dummy

4) An interview with Astros rookie hurler Bud Norris

5) The Most Liberal Cars in America

The most searched one of this blog's history though involves the Octomom. To this day, the Portland Jail Blazers, and yes, the Octomom are always on America's brain. Interesting.

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