Sunday, August 16, 2009

It is time to forgive Michael Vick

The two types of people I can't stand in life are jerks and idiots. I think many will agree with me on that.

No one wants to be around jerks, and stupid people just slow the world down and create problems.

With that said, I believe that it is possible for former jerks to become more acceptable to society. That is where today's topic comes in: Michael Vick.

Vick's disturbing missteps and downfall have been publicly documented ad nauseum. We all know what he was involved in. We all shared our thoughts on the matter, we all saw it on the news. People took positions on it. Many were so angered by what he did, that they vowed never to forgive him and couldn't care less if the guy got a second chance or even lived for that matter.

I was one of them.

I'm a dog lover, as many of you are. The thought of killing one of these amazing friendly creatures is about as disturbing as anything could be to many people.

In our society, dogs are part of the family... many, such as my dog, are treated better than a lot of humans. On the micro level, there is nothing wrong with that. I actually encourage this.

So two years ago when all this Vick stuff came out, we were flabbergasted, disgusted, angered, and saddened by it.

Now it is time for us--mainstream America-- to channel some of the forgiveness and compassion that we show our pets, to show that towards our fellow man.

In this case, Mike Vick.

The guy messed up bad. He did unspeakable, stupid, jerkish things. But how can people continually resent him and wish him ill? If I as a dog lover, and hater of stupid jerks, can forgive him, maybe you can to; even at a provisional level like NFL commish Roger Goodell did.

My point is this:

The man was on top of the world. Maybe he wasn't the best or most complete quarterback the league has ever seen, but he was sure paid like it. He had everything. He had millions of dollars, fame, and the entire city of Atlanta eating out his hand like no one since Hank Aaron.

Next thing he knew, he had nothing. He was suspended. He was released. He was put in prison. His every move was documented. His very presence is protested.


Do you think his public remorse is contrived? Fake? Do you think he's sorry only because he was torn down like a condemned building and had to file for bankruptcy?

He's sorry because he is.

He knows what he did was horrifically wrong and unforgivable to many. Part of his deal with the Eagles is that he will work directly with the Humane Society and the PETA nuts to further anti-animal abuse measures and dogfighting in Philadelphia. It is ironic of course that it is Philly in which he will be working, because this is a city that has a huge dogfighting problem amongst its many issues.

Haven't you ever seen Animal Cops?

It's time to get off your high horses people. It is not time to forget, but it is time to give this once proud man another chance to make a living doing the one thing that he does best.

If he somehow messes this opportunity up, then, by all means, drive out of town with pitchforks and torches. But until then, show this human being a shred of the same forgiveness that you show your own family members and friends (including dogs) when they fail you.

This is what makes us human after all.

Here is the article I wrote in 2007 about Vick. Check it out.

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