Friday, January 30, 2009

Scumbag steroid tattletales...

Can we just stop this crap please? No one cares anymore about steroids. We're over it. Even when we were curious, we were over it like two weeks later. The Mitchell Report dragged an entire generation of big leaguers through feces-infused mud. I grew up idolizing these guys. It's not like I was a huge Ken Caminiti or Juan Gonzalez fan or anything, but it wasn't something I wanted to hear about.

But, talentless jerks with no prospects in life like Kirk Radomski, Jay McGwire, Jose Canseco, and now former Giant Bobby Estalella, continue to tattle on their more fortunate, talented, and wealthier acquaintances.

The bottom line is, these slimewads are much worse than the people they're outing. For God's sake, Jay McGwire wrote a book outing his own brother to make a quick buck and possibly get a 7 minute segment on Jim Rome Is Burning.

The Bonds/Steroid perjury witch hunt is right on track. Nothing like a little technical justice. Nothing like the Federal Government and the city of San Francisco spending millions of taxpayer dollars trying to ruin a reclusive former baseball player's life.

And for what? Perjury? Who the eff cares? Awww. Poor U.S. District court... did you get your feelings hurt? And don't give me precedent, what the law states, and what evidence you have. No one cares, and this is a waste of money. The only people who benefit from this are Pedro Bleepin' Gomez and Mark Fairnu-Wada.

This entire situation is a joke.

I hate most of this crap, but in the Barry Bonds perjury case, I revert to something I actually remember from an obscure college ethics/philosophy class: utilitarianism.

John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism states basically that an action's or a person's moral worth is determined by how much good it does for the most people.

So for example, even if someone does something for selfish reasons, if they benefit people in a positive manner, that action is therefore moral and acceptable. You catch my drift...?

Barry Bonds has brought more joy to more people in this area on an almost daily basis than entire cities of people put together. And if during that time, he took substances that helped him to that... well then. So be it. Overall the action was positive. No overzealous prosecutor or cynical sportswriter can take that away.

With that said, this is my defense of Barry Bonds as a lifelong Giants fan who would take a non-life threatening bullet for the guy.

From my Barry blog entry in December of 2006: (Give it a read, it'll help explain the love we real Giants fans have for Barry)

"...After more success on the field and some promise for the future, the Giants had their very own privately financed ballpark, right on the water; the crown jewel of all sporting venues. It was The House that Bonds Built. It still is the House that Bonds Built. It will forever be the House That Bonds Built. If anyone tries to tell you different they are either: ignorant, not a baseball fan, or a complete imbecile.

Only Yankee Stadium has such a nickname, and we all know who built that stadium. Coincidentally, Mr. Ruth was passed on the all-time HR list by Barry last year.

It is true. No matter how you look at it, Barry Bonds saved the Giants, and because of his baseball prowess, the organization was able to parlay that into the best stadium in baseball. He also made the Giants perennial contenders, and revitalized an entire area of San Francisco (ahem, you're welcome Willie Brown and Gavin Newsom, you eurotrash a-holes).

...What I'm really saying is, the guy was a first ballot Hall of Famer before any steroid accusations, and you don't hit .370 and win batting titles when you're 40 years-old because of any drug or flaxseed oil.

No one outside of San Francisco understands why we love Barry. Even A's fans don't understand why we love Barry. We love him because Barry is the Giants.

...Does anyone remember what China Basin was before the House that Bonds Built? I'll tell you. Abandoned warehouses, the occasional murder, unused and dilapidated piers, and wasted bay front property. Now look at it. Palm trees lining the median, streetcars shuttling passengers past beautiful restaurants like Momo's, exclusive high rise town homes,ferries bringing drunken kids from Marin to the ballgame. Instead of homeless people sleeping in abandoned buildings, they have crews filming Dockers commercials.

...But at least (there was) still a reason to go to The House That Bonds Built (two seasons ago), and if we (couldn't) win, we might as (well have witnessed) history in motion, because there will only be one Barry Lamar Bonds; and I for one, have enjoyed the ride.

Thanks for making me a fan of baseball for life."

Crazy, but I almost teared up reading that last part... even though I wrote it. Powerful stuff.

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Truly Appalling: Devaluing Our Own Currency

Look, I am no economist, and I do not believe Glenn Beck is the foremost authority on all this... but you must watch this and heed its words.

Thanks to the blog Conservative Today for spreading the content.

If this is accurate, the government's actions are totally reckless. If this continues, our money will be worth nothing. This isn't exactly Zimbabwe territory, but it is not good, to say the least.

Of course irrelevant stimulus bills that cost $1.3 trillion dollars we don't have is going to take a much longer time to pay off with our tax dollars if our paychecks are worth less and less.

And you thought the Bush Administration was disappointing and John McCain was The Maverick... little did you know. I wonder if Barack knows about this.

Funny thing too... didn't Glenn Beck used to be on CNN Headline News? Yup, he sure was. I watch a little less political TV than I used to, mainly because it upsets me. However, Beck's addition to Fox News is a very solid acquisition. The guy is very bright and very legit.

At this point though, I don't even try to defend FNC's conservative political leanings. It is what it is. I prefer it. I won't apologize for that.

What does bother me is when people try to tell me CNN is not a liberal-leaning network. That is a total falsehood.

We've got Hannity/O'Reilly/Beck/Karl Rove, you've got Anderson Cooper (who is definitely "the other way") and Larry King, the "King of Softball Questions".

On a lighter note, here's my Super Bowl pick: Cardinals (+7) over Steelers.

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