Monday, July 27, 2009

Some shameless self promotion

Some of you may know this already, but this blog currently reaches a larger audience than my San Francisco Giants blog. Disregard this if you already know...

On my Giants blog, I recently wrote a post about a conversation that my buddy Spencer and I had regarding the Giants pitching staff and what kind of women they would be.

Bizarre, weird, and hilarious.

So I wrote it up and went through each pitcher. Then, after the overwhelmingly positive response I got from people, I promoted the link by putting by putting it on more highly trafficked Giants sites and emailing it to all the anchors on KNBR 680, the Giants flagship station in SF.

Sure enough, the other night, I get a comment from KNBR anchor, Damon Bruce, who is filling in for the Fitz & Brooks show this week. He said that he loved it and that he'd talk about on the air on Monday (today).

After waiting through the first 2 hours of Damon Bruce on KNBR... I called up right before 2 pm, and told the incredulous call screener that I wanted to talk about the Giants pitching staff as women and that Damon Bruce would know what I'm talking about. 2 minutes later during the commercial break, Damon got on the horn with me off the air and told me that he got a little too wrapped up in the steroids conversation today and would have to get to my blog tomorrow.

Really unbelievable... said he was reading it the other night with his fiance and they were cracking up reading it... he mentioned the Jeremy Affeldt breakdown as a particularly great one.

I will record it, so you don't need to listen to it live-- I'll have an mp3 form of it. If you leave your email address as a comment, I will get it to you. If you do want to listen to it live it will be probably towards the middle of the show. The show is on 12-3p Pacific on KNBR 680. If you're outside the Bay Area, you can listen online.

This is what he's going to be talking about if you haven't read it:


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