Thursday, June 09, 2005

Gays, Baseball, & Weed

Hey Folks,

I won't bore anyone with an introduction. How about some fucked up shit right away.

So I had heard about this event awhile back, but now that it made it to, I actually read into it and realized what happened. If you ask me, these homos shouldn't be on television to begin with, yet now, the radical Hollywood entertainment industry has fused them into my world of sports. I want them to get the hell out.

The one sanctuary I have in the world of television is sports. Now the liberals have managed to squeeze their gay agenda into that. Just great. I'm just happy I'm not a true Red Sox fan. The gays from the "Queer Gay For the Straight Eye" or whatever in tarnation it's called played dress-up with 5 Red Sox: Kevin Millar, Tim Wakefield, Doug Mirabelli, Johnny Damon, and Jason Varitek. The episode is scheduled to air sometime soon. I would rather have my left testicle placed in a vice than watch it or support these gays in any way. I find it appalling that these honorable heterosexual heroes of the sandlot would degrade themselves to this point. I will mention however, that their participation in this debauchery of television decency was to benefit little leaguers in North Carolina. My question is, why on earth must these athletes participate in these bitch activities to simply benefit a charity or whatnot? Just pay the money and go down to Carolina and meet with these kids. Why must they disgrace the great American pastime with the sight of these fucking gays?! Not only did two of my favorite players (Damon, Varitek) get dressed up by the 5 gayest men in America, but all of those bitches desecrated the hallowed ground of Fenway Park. They set foot on the field! One of them threw out the first pitch! THE GUY IS A WOMAN! HE THREW LIKE A GIRL! The regular Red Sox jersey wasn't good enough by the way. The faggot had to dye it pink and put sequins on it. Unbelievable.

As if the Red Sox needed any more publicity. Everyone from Katie McDevitt to Kenny Chesney wears a Red Sox cap. Now we have stereotypical radical leftist gays desecrating the home field, home jersey, and some of the most historically significant players of the Boston Red Sox. You know, I think Boston is just so desperate for attention that it approves of such things. Any baseball purist should be sickened. Ted Williams is probably spinning in his cryogenically frozen tube in Tempe. I'll tell you one thing. As much as I hate the Yankees, I know they wouldn't tolerate this shit. It also shocks me that badasses like Kevin Millar and Jason Varitek would allow this. I'd say, "Hell no!" I'd double whatever revenue that that debacle produced, build a 10,000 seat little league ballpark and I'd send the little league squad to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for a week. Needless to say, I do not approve of gays in baseball, gays in the military, or gays on television. They give themselves a bad name and they disgrace the sport I love.

On another note, this medical marijuana must stop. IT IS OUT OF CONTROL! It's a scam and a hoax. These states that have pushed the idea of state's rights to the max, must be reeled in. Look, I'm not speaking from the position of an Evangelical who would rather die than admit smoking the reef, but I am saying that the system is being abused, and until it is fixed, it must be suspended. There are so-called "medical doctors" out there writing up "prescriptions" for anyone and everyone who has the cash. Unbelievable.

I believe that smoking reef can be a fun, recreational activity to be enjoyed with friends and to enhance activities such as scary movies, and bat mitzvahs. However, when the government is condoning the smoking of weed by an able-bodied 19 year-old stoner, the line has been crossed. You can, literally find one of these crooked doctors in the back of High Times magazine, go see him, plunk down $350, and leave with a card that allows the following: the ability to grow an absurd amount of plants, buy ounces of weed at a time, carry ounces (yes plural), and have up to three weed mules possess, purchase, and deliver weed to them. A lot of these twisted "professionals" don't even conduct a physical examination. "You got the cash? You got the prescription. Yes, in fact, I do take Discover. Oh, by the way, there's a grab basket of assorted rolling papers by the receptionist, feel free to grab a few. Tell your friends!"

By the way... HOW MANY FUCKING OUNCES OF WEED DO YOU NEED???? "Oh yeah, no big deal, I just went over to the cannabis club, picked up 3 ounces, now I'm driving around high as shit; and get this... I'm not even sick!"

On the other hand, there are people who are at the point in their lives where they are old, ill, or in pain. Well fine, no one should be denied pot if they are in this stage. This is what medical marijuana was instituted for. It's all gone to hell. It's just another loophole. Shady doctors, stoned communists, and lazy sacks of shit--all healthy-- are scamming the system. I like pot, but it is illegal, and should remain so. If you want to smoke, you call up the dude you went to high school with or the dude who your friend knows. It's not that fucking hard. I will refuse to accept the idea that state governments can supersede federal drug laws. Just like Gavin Newsom tried to supersede state law at a local level. Sometimes, states overstep their boundaries. Ever heard of Jim Crow laws and segregation? This system must be immediately stopped, until it is fixed. You must be genuinely ill or in pain to receive it. These crooked MDs over in Berkeley who are making A KILLING off of illegitimate pot prescriptions should be jailed, and the system must be fixed. There are more cannabis clubs in San Francisco than McDonalds restaurants. If you're not sick, get your own damn pot, and face the consequences if the cops get you. Fucking hippies.

Well, that was quite good. I'll make no apologies for what I say. If you don't like it, you can get out. Until next time, keep it sleazy.