Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let the Shoe Thrower Go!

I'm not going to write a long-winded article about this, but I say to let the shoe thrower go!

So what if a guy threw his shoes at Dubya's head. There are millions of people all over the world who'd like to do much worse. To me, it was more symbolic than anything. Even if the guy had connected with Dubya's head, what's the worst that could've happened? A bruise? Maybe a broken nose?

The guy was showing contempt for a msn who in many's opinions, invaded Iraq, and is indirectly responsible for people dying. Fine. I get that point of view. But I say let the shoe thrower go free.

In the Arab world, martyrs are a little too respected. If you die or suffer for the cause of Islam, you're a hero. And to more radical factions, if you kill or harm infidels in the name of Islam, you're a saint.

We cannot tolerate any more upheaval in the region. This Egypt-based Iraqi journalist is now a folk hero to Muslims across the world for throwing his knockoff wingtips at President Infidel.

If he is punished past the extent of a slap on the wrist, there will be more riots and deaths, and the burnings of effigies. We cannot have that. Dubya's on his way out anyway, so don't give these radicals any more fuel to dump on the 2,000 year old tire fire they've got going.

Let the shoe thrower go and take the high road. It would be stupid not to.