Friday, January 23, 2009

Is everything okay in Ninerland?

Just some quick thoughts on the 49ers search for an offensive coordinator:

-- Why haven't we gotten one yet?

-- Why did Scott Linehan turn us down in favor of an 0-16 team with an offensively conservative rookie head coach?

-- It's fairly evident that as a defensive specialist, new Lions HC Jim Schwartz will give Linehan a lot of rope to hang himself with on the offensive side of the ball.

-- I suppose the possibility of drafting Georgia Bulldog QB Matthew Stafford at #1 overall and having him throw to Calvin Johnson is a pretty nice thought. But-- is that really better than the Niners' situation? Also, there are grumblings in Detroit that the Lions are looking to take an O-Lineman like Alabama's Andre Smith in the first round. Their heinous play in the trenches nearly killed 3 QBs last season. The Lions were 0-16 for God's sake!

I don't understand it. I get the fact that Linehan has lived in the Midwest (Minnesota, St. Louis and one year in Miami in 2005), but he's from Washington State and went to Idaho. He's really a Western guy. Also, RB Kevin Smith has potential, but he's no Frank Gore. The family excuse was not the reason he turned down the Niners job. It was something else...

-- After two interviews, Linehan didn't like what he heard... or the money was no good. That's what scares me.

-- I can't imagine him being offered less that $1.5M a year considering he is a highly sought after offensive coach, and has head coaching experience... albeit not successful head coaching experience.

I'm not saying Linehan was the answer. Maybe he wasn't. However, he has a proven track record with running schemes in Minnesota, where the Vikes led the league in rushing, and in St. Louis, where he did the best he could with Steven Jackson on a horrible team with a spotty O-Line.

I'm very confused as to why the best offensive minds in football are not lining up to work with Mike Singletary, Frank Gore, and an above average O-Line on its way up. It's baffling. It's either money, or Singletary is scaring these guys off with his intensity and iron-like authoritative grip.

Jeff Jagodzinski, the since fired BC coach seems to be the leading candidate at this point. It needs to happen soon. Ninerland is getting anxious.

Ann Killion of the Mercury News wonders if hiring Singletary so soon was the right move with Tony Dungy, Mike Holmgren, Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, and Mike Shanahan all unemployed by the NFL.

It definitely was. The guy turned around an entire season and changed the culture. That is no easy task. He was absolutely the correct hire. Now, we need an OC that fits Singletary's Frank Gore-led vision.