Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wacko Jacko & Iron Mike

Hey Folks,

JUSTICE! I knew he was innocent. All these charges were lies! All made up! He is the nicest, sweetest, best person I know! He would never do anything to hurt a child! With God as my witness, I knew he was innocent!

How disturbed is this world? You know, I really wonder sometimes. We've got people killing their brothers and countrymen over nothing, we've got poverty all over the place, we have disgusting third-world countries spilling over into the first world, and now, the best country in the world cannot convict the biggest freak on the planet on giving wine to children? NOTHING? ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Obviously I'm talking about Wacko Jacko. The guy used to be black, with greasy ass "Soul-Glo" (Coming to America reference) jheri curled hair, and moves good enough to make Ted Kennedy want to dance. Now look at him. A white woman. Not even a woman. He's more like the biggest child molester I've ever seen. In fact, if I was going to genetically engineer a child molester, I would think that Jacko would be the result. The feminine voice, with the pale skin, straight black hair, bizarre looking facial features, yet a bit of stubble on his rhinoplastied dome. Look, I'm not saying that the guy definitely molested this Arviso kid, but I am saying that the guy has a pretty damn lengthy history of inappropriate contact with young boys. I mean, I hate to say it, but God dammit Michael, at least be having inappropriate contact with females. I mean, that just makes you sicker dude. Much sicker.

The guy was accused of molesting a kid back in '95 (not sure of the year). He has been on record insisting that "sharing my bed with children is beautiful." Yeah Mike. Beautiful. I'm just throwin' this out there, but I think a 45 year-old man sleeping with 12 year-old male strangers is just a tad bizarre. JUST A LITTLE FUCKING WEIRD, MAN! I mean, what the fuck is wrong with this guy? He has all the symptoms of a repeat sex-offender. It's all but a scientific fact that sick sexual predators will do their heinous deeds again. You know, if Jacko was from Florida, he'd fit right in. He could join NAMBLA, molest boys all day, and then go into town to catch a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game. You can't miss him, he's the 5'6 white chick with the 300 pound, black umbrella carrier at his side.

Enough of the horseshit. I don't know whether Jackson did any of these things. The only people who know are Wacko Jacko, these boys, and God. Regardless, the guy has a history of inappropriate contact with boys, and admits that he likes sleeping with them. In addition, he lives in a fucking theme park mansion called Neverland. "Never grow up Michael," he keeps saying to himself. Well Mike, even if you never grew up, you'd be 11 or 12, and it would still be fucked up to be sleeping with your male peers. I mean, all the bizarre behaviors of his over the years, all stacked up next to each other are pretty disturbing. I'll just name a few off the top of my head: 1)"Marries" his unattractive white nurse so he can have kids, all with the intention and foregone agreement that she would give them up and fade away, 2) Names his kids Prince Michael I & Prince Michael II or something else fucked up, 3) Makes his children wear bizarre Persian veils when they go out into public, 4) Holds an infant of his over a balcony in Germany for no reason, 5) Pathologically lies about his plastic surgery record, 5) Constantly has strange children at his home, 6)Puts wine in Diet Coke cans to get boys drunk so he can touch them and show them pornography, 7) Has secret compartments, passageways, and trap doors in his home so no one can get to his bedroom but him. Look... he's obviously a weirdo, there's no question about this, but did he commit crimes?

My speculation, is yes. It's unbelievable that this jury did not convict Jacko on any of these counts. Even if he didn't molest this kid on multiple occasions, he did give him alcohol, and has done so with other children. He all but admitted to it. This is the jury that has said time and time again that it threw out Jacko's status in deliberations. Well, did they? DID THEY REALLY? I don't think so. What I think, is that it was all or nothing for these people. Either he was guilty of everything, or nothing. They decided the latter. I understand and know full well that this family and the accuser have a history of exploiting and blackmailing people for financial gain. The mother was not a credible witness, and put off the jurors. The son was obviously coached by the best of them. All of these sleazy witnesses came out of the woodwork to say that Jacko touched them too. It was a bad case with the wrong family. The prosecution did a bad job flat out. They had a case that was way too wide open, too many charges, too broad, and they tried too hard to include patterns of behavior as the meat of the case. Past behavior is important in establishing character, but we all know he's a freak to begin with. They had bad witnesses, a shady accusing family, and too many holes to send him to San Quentin. On the other hand, the jury did not do its job.

They needed to convict him on something. He gave these kids booze. That is inappropriate, and indeed a crime in the great, fucked up state of California. They needed to send him a message that he needs to change his lifestyle, and get some fucking professional help. No Mike, Tito and Jermaine bringing over some sushi does not count. I'm talking about a fucking psychiatrist. I don't care if you have to get yourself castrated. Get your head right man, and leave them kids alone. I really just wish the jury would have gotten him on something, you know? Besides millions of dollars in legal fees and some phantom back pain, the son of a bitch got off scot free. Give him probation, require him to get counseling, and send his ass back to Neverland. Sure, if he has been molesting and hurting kids all along, he deserves to be in "pound me in the ass" prison, but you know he'd never last. He'd kill himself before they could get to him, and every one knows it.

One side rant before we move along. How about those fucking sicko groupies who you saw outside the Santa Maria courthouse? I am both shocked and appalled to see that people like this exist. People from all over simply quit their jobs, quit school, and moved out of their parents' basements to make the pilgrimage so they could show their undying obsession with the biggest freak in the entertainment industry. These people are all members of one of the most dillusional cults on earth. You know, I just feel bad for them. They're just as sick as Jackson. What did he ever do for you? What, you like "Beat it" too? So do I. You don't see me out there. What makes you so damn important/sick that you think moving to Santa Maria to scream slogans of support for a child molester will make any damn difference? I saw a guy who dropped everything, and came out to California to support Jackson. The guy was 18, and was supposed to start college at the University of Tennessee. Um, yeah guy, MJ was a little before your time first of all, second of all, I think you should probably attend college instead of fraternizing with a bunch of delusional, obsessive-compulsive nutjobs---just throwing it out there. When the news of the acquittal came outside, all the freaks started jumping around, hugging, CRYING, thanking God, releasing white doves, and all kinds of other bizarre behavior. Just weird. Those crazies deserve each other. They can all move to Neverland, and spend their lives listening to Raffi, drinking Kool Aid, eating animal crackers, riding merry-go-rounds, having nude sleepovers, drink Jesus Juice, and molest each other; forever young, forever freaks. WHAT A BUNCH OF FUCKING SICKOS! ALL OF THEM!

It's almost sad to see a man self-destruct like this. The only story as bad as this one is Mike Tyson. One day, long ago, both of these men were on top of the boxing and pop worlds respectively. Then, Tyson actually got convicted of the crimes he comitted. It was all downhill from there. Let me also point out a fun fact: Mike Tyson, a black man was convicted of rape in Indiana, Jackson's home state. Michael Jackson used to be black. I think if he wasn't as pathetic, and he was still black, he'd have been convicted in Indiana too. Good thing he moved to Santa Barbara, shrivled into a white alien with a plastic face and has a pathetic demeanor.

If I was going to have a poll question, I would ask this: Do you feel sorry for Mike Tyson or Michael Jackson? If so, which one? Both have been monsters in their own way. But I'll say that I definitely feel bad for Mike Tyson.

I'd say Tyson mainly because I don't believe the guy is bad anymore. He had the roughest upbringing on this side of Kabul, and ever since he started boxing, he's had the wrong people around him. It doesn't help that he's not smart and that he's mentally imbalanced, but you know, he spent his whole life seeking approval and love, and he just keeps getting screwed. He battles demons in his head all the time, and I truly believe that he tries to do the right thing. I think he finally did the right thing on Saturday. A pathetic and sub-par exit, yes. It was the last pathetic right hook from that stiff Kevin McBride, that knocked some sense into Iron Mike's head. Finally! Finally he realized that he's been forcing himself to train and hype up all these fights for the approval of others, and to pay off debts that he incurred by being around sacks of shit like Don King, and giving too much to his children and family. He finally realized that he didn't care what other people think anymore, and he wants to do something else. There must be more to Mike Tyson than boxing, because he hasn't been able to box in 5 or 6 years. He says he wants to be a missionary. Well Mike, as long as you don't bite of the ear of a kid in Mozambique for hurting your feelings, more power to you. Get right with yourself and get right with the man upstairs. I'm glad you quit in the middle of that fight. It was the best thing you ever did. No more bullshit. Just live your life for yourself, because you've lost just about everything else.

Good stuff people. I just hope that Jacko stops hurting kids, because I really have a problem with that. As for Iron Mike. Yes, he's been a monster in the past, but I think he's finally on the right track. The moral of this diatribe is that hopefully, people can change. If they can't, well, I don't know what to tell you. I guess they're just the same old degenerate criminals and weirdos of society. Until next time, keep it sleazy.