Sunday, May 08, 2005

Skynyrd & Giants

Hey Folks,

After a successful first blog entry, I'm both apprehensive and intrigued by this outlet I've discovered. As I dissed on these people with online diaries, I will do my best not to include my daily activities and emotions. However, my activities last night, Friday, must be chronicled. But before that, I'd like to touch on my first topic, Florida.

My last post's diatribe was directed at the Sunshine State mainly because of the local government's inability to lock up dangerous offenders and to alert its law abiding citizen's of the sickos' whereabouts. What happens is, they let these repeat offenders out on probation, parole, reduced sentences, etc. The worst part is, they lose track of these offenders. According to the St. Petersburg Times, there could be over a thousand registered sex offenders that do not have current addresses, and whose whereabouts are unknown. This is basically what happened with Jessica Lundsford. Couey's address was not updated as he moved into a sleazy ass trailer in the Seminole country somewhere. This is not to say Florida is the only place where this happens. It happens in every state and every country. Unfortunately, it seems that Florida has fundamental problems in its governmental agencies and judiciary. Anyway, enough of that.

More importantly, last night Goose, Lacey, Big Mike, and I attended the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert at the Dixon May Fair.

Allow me to point out that many good things have come from Florida. Tracy McGrady, good college football, Trick Daddy-- oh wait nevermind, he's a drug abusing degenerate-- but most of all Lynyrd Skynyrd. The Jacksonville natives are by far the greatest musical powerhouse to come out of the state. It is rather strange that my former rant on the sleaze of Florida is exactly what I love. Skynyrd is a good kind of sleaze. Quite different from criminal sleaze.

The band is not all original, but it still rocks. With four original members (pretty sure) and Ronnie Van Zant's brother at the helm, they brought the fucking house down. I saw them last year in Milwaukee, and I think they actually rocked more this time. Perhaps it was because in the 414 they were performing in a city with cold temperatures in a nice ass theatre. They were in their element last night. I'd say there was an outdoor crowd of 8 to 12 thousand fans at this show, which is HUGE. That explains why it took us half an hour to get to the hay covered parking lot and we waited an hour before making the journey out. Everyone was drunk off whiskey or smoking reef and smoking cigarettes and spitting Skoal. At times I looked around and I could have been in Oklahoma. The glare of the fair was evident behind the crowd, the top half of the ferris wheel visible. The smell of carnies, beer, Camels, cotton candy, corndogs, livestock, and hay filled everyones' nostrils. The classic fair smell.

Skynyrd played with a passion, a sleaze, and a rock that I have yet to see topped live (not like I've seen a ton of concerts, but you know). They played every hit, omitting "Curtis Lowe" and "All I Can Do Is Write". They really knew how to get the crowd into it; there was never a dull moment. The climax of the show was at the end. They left the stage and it went black.

The Greater Sacramento Area sleazes that were too drunk or stupid to realize that this was a ploy to get us to yell "FRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBBIIIIRRRRRRRRDDDDD!" started getting mad. Then they came back out, praised California a couple more times, and unleashed a badass 11 minute rendition of Freebird that made everyone go nuts. People were screaming, some people were holding up their rebel flag, Goose and I almost knocked over a fence. It was great.

It is just a plain shame that today's rock music lacks any classics like Skynyrd. There are no throwbacks. People are either screaming about dead bodies and whining during verses, or dissing on the government and complaining about everything. There is no contemporary Journey or Skynyrd, no Steve Miller Band or Boston. It's just sad. That's why I listen to Country.

Switching gears, let's talk a little Giants baseball. I don't know what to think right now. I love them unconditionally, but with that comes disgust, annoyance, and high expectations. Barry Bonds' absence and multiple media distractions notwithstanding, the Giants have many problems. The hitting is there. They're getting it done. Edgardo Alfonzo has been a beast. He hasn't hit like this since being a New York Met (the scum of the National League along with the Dodgers and Cubs). Pedro Feliz has been holding down the fort in Left, and has been a Fantasy luxury with his four position eligibility. The emergence of the speedy Jason Ellison and the awakening of Moises Alou has the offense rolling. Unfortunately, the offense has not been coming through in the clutch and has been sort of inconsistent. However they still lead the league in runs scored.

The worst problem is obviously the bullpen. Although the starters have had their issues. Schmidt has not been himself. Noah Lowry has struggled. Jerome Williams was sent down. Tomko always has one bad inning, and loses it. Reuter... well he's just been Reuter. Never spectacular, never great, just decent. The bullpen is bitch.

Armando Benitez who was given an absurd amount of money to be the stopper for the next 3 years. He had an exceptional year in South Florida last year and was rewarded for it. Unfortunately he sucked big time this year, struggling to gain form. He blew 2 saves and had a damn near 6.00 ERA. He was giving up 380 foot outs regularly. Then came his injury. Out for the season. The guy tears two tendons from his pelvic bone. How the hell do you do that trotting to cover first base?? I know I broke my ankle and leg doing Grandma Legs, but that is far more severe and complicated. Regardless, we are once again without a closer. There is no fan confidence in Herges. Hermanson is gone to the (23-7) ChiSox. No closers are on the block. What the hell are we going to do? Brower looks uncomfortable in the 9th. AA rookie Jeremy Accardo just blew it againt the upstart Nationals, and Scott Eyre gets hit if he stays in for more than 3 outs or 2 righties. I just don't know.

What Felipe Alou needs to do is name a closer. Herges says there are no egos in the bullpen. Well that may be, but they need to know their role. Name a closer, and start letting them fall into a pattern. If no consistent closer can be found, maybe Tomko will have to be sent to the bullpen. He's got the stuff and the velocity, and he always does better the first time through the lineup. Who knows.

Anyway, good stuff, make sure you guys leave comments and let me know what you think. Perhaps give me an idea to rant on. Until next time, you stay classy San Diego.