Monday, April 06, 2009

Time for the MLB scheduling retards to get a clue

This is going to be short and sweet-- but I need all 15 of my readers to hear this.

Major League Baseball's scheduling department is retarded. Not a PC way of saying things, but I don't care... in fact I've never cared about that.

Anyway, every opening day, 30 team fanbases rejoice, for it is Opening Day. There is nothing like it in any sport. It is a day of glorious hope and renewal, excitement, and pure euphoria. This could be the year!

Enter Mother Nature and Bud Selig's bumbling buffoons at MLB HQ.

"Oh I've got a great idea! Let's schedule the Rays to play IN BOSTON to open the season. Nevermind that they play in a dome and St. Petersburg is 75 degrees outside. Let's play it in Boston on April 6th, where they play outdoors! God I love my job. I'm brilliant"

Of course, opening day for Red Sox and Rays fans was totally ruined. Not because it is 40 degrees with 20 mph winds in Boston, but because the mental defectives in the scheduling department are just that-- mental defectives.

The same thing goes for Opening Day in ANY cold weather city without a dome or retractable roof. It was 38 degrees and pouring rain in Cincinnati. The White Sox and Royals had their game postponed in Chicago. This is just asinine.

And lest we fantasy baseball obsessives get any consideration either. Those of us with daily rosters who have been checking our teams incessantly for two weeks were totally screwed by all of this. I could have started Brad Hawpe AND Hank Blalock in one league over Jason Bay and Billy Butler, but was screwed by PPD'd games and early starting times. Of course Yahoo has something to do with this problem because games that are PPD'd shouldn't have locked in players-- but this should not be an issue.

This happened last year, lest we forget, when Cleveland and Seattle had an entire series SNOWED OUT because of a blizzard that came in off Lake Erie.

Hey MLB, get a clue! Here, I'll help you. There are 14 AL teams and 16 NL teams. You need 7 AL sites and 8 NL sites. End of story.

American League Sites: Minnesota, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Texas, Anaheim, Oakland, Toronto.

National League Sites: San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Florida, Atlanta, Arizona, Milwaukee, Colorado.


Why is this so hard????


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