Sunday, May 22, 2005

Florida Update, Star Wars, etc.

Hey Folks,

Well, it's been awhile since the last post, but you know how bitch finals are. They are incredibly bitch. I also can give you the advice to never even dabble in British Literature, let alone take a class; it's a bad scene. Anyway, I've got some more Florida stories. I won't go off for too long about them, but this shit is getting unbelievable. It is getting to the point that when I see a headline of an absurd or disturbing crime, I can pretty much assume it took place in Florida. This happened today as I signed onto AOL.

There were two headlines on the Sign On page, one on top of another. One read "8 Year-Old Girl Survives After Being Buried Alive." The other headline read, "Bus Driver Brawls With Students." What the fuck is going on exactly? Bus Drivers beating up students? Children being buried alive? These were my thoughts. Then my next thought was... "Oh God, here we go again..."

Yes, that's right. Florida. Not one story; it was both stories.

An 8 year-old girl was abducted, sexually assaulted, and left for dead in a dumpster with multiple boulders on top of her to hold her in place. She had been violated by a 17 year-old sicko whose made up-sounding name actually means 'miracle' in some foreign language. Indeed it was a miracle that the girl was still alive. Unfortunately, she will be scarred for life, and will most likely end up stripping or producing children who are likely to commit heinous crimes. This is why children are so fragile and must be protected. Obviously Florida cannot do this. I'll give them credit for finding the poor 3rd grader, but they'll probably fuck up the trial, let the creep go, or something else liberal and retarded. Child abusers should not have any rights!!!

After reading the first report about the girl, I was really hoping that the next one wasn't in Florida too. Oh, but it was...

The second story is less disturbing, but still pretty Floridian. A bus driver ended up fighting with some students after they began cussing and refused to fasten their seat belt. He went back and began wrestling with a 15 year-old who cussed and used the Lord's name in vain. Anyway, the kid threw a punch at the guy, and landed it. Then the driver ended up throwing a quick left. Ready for the Floridian twist? Like no other state could do, they charged two students with felony assault against the nutjob Evangelical, and the 50 year-old bus driver was charged with misdemeanor battery. By the way... IT'S ALL ON INDISPUTABLE VIDEO! I SAW IT! Wow Florida, you never cease to amaze me.

Dammit, it's happening again, I start out just wanting to rant about two stories, and I have to throw out two more. Keep reading.

I saw this story on O'Reilly. A former University of South Florida professor was charged with aiding terrorists, and is about to stand trial on the charges. Sami al-Arian helped raise money and secured its transfer to the Palestinian terror organization, Islamic Jihad. I mean, most faculty members are liberal kooks, but c'mon... supporting terrorists? Islamic Jihad? These are the guys who bomb Israeli civilians going to work and shopping! At least they caught the fuck though, I'll give them that. By the way... USF is located in Tampa. I wonder if al-Arian said hi to Jessica Lundsford's and Sarah Lunde's killers while he was there.

Onto my next Central Florida story. I saw this one on America's Most Wanted. For months, a sexual predator was roaming Orlando resorts and theme parks, accosting girls, and assaulting them. Orlando cops put a special task force on the trail of this fuck, and putting together info. Finally one of his victims ID'd his vehicle and saw his face. This led authorities to his eventual arrest. Emmanuel Veiga, a Brazilian national on an expired visa, was the serial offender. The cops eventually arrested the bastard, with a laundry list of offenses, evidence, and at least two credible victims to testify against him. At his arraignment, a liberal activist judge named Carol Freeman decided, "You know what? This guy isn't a danger to society. I think I'll let him go until his trial." WHAT A STUPID BITCH! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STATE! Anyway, the guy is let go until his trial begins, and is required to wear an ankle tracking device. The police officers who dedicated thousands of man hours to catching this piece of shit foreigner were shocked, appalled, angered, and sickened by the actions of this pro-criminal judge. She just let him walk out. Well guess what, he left. He snipped off the rubber device, left it at his house and disappeared. He is currently a fugitive. Thanks Carol Freeman, you stupid leftist. Oh fear not criminals, she'll rise to take the bench another day. Then you'll get your chance to skip town to rape again. WOW!

Okay, so now that I've gotten that off my chest, I suppose I can opine about the latest installment of Star Wars. I'm not a huge fan of the whole series, but I think it's damn entertaining, especially on a big ass screen. I made sure that when I saw it, all the crazy Star Wars nerds were at home having chat room sex and watching Aqua Teen (the stupidest cartoon I've ever seen). The last thing I wanted to see were a bunch of gay dudes in capes with their lightsabers and "I Love Princess Leia" shirts on. Anyway, it was cool.

This Annikin dude is grown up, and turns into Darth Vader eventually. I won't get into why, but it's quite interesting really. The special effects, were, well, the entire movie. They were brilliant. At times I almost couldn't believe how real everything looked, yet it was all made up. Kinda freaky really. What George Lucas and Co. have done, is blur the lines between fantasy and reality. I mean, Yoda looked like he was real... it was just weird. Luckily I wasn't stoned, that could've gotten weird. As I left the theatre, I wondered if any scenes were actually shot at a location, or if everything was shot on a green screen. Basically, the special effects and fighting sequences are what you go to see, as with the other 5 movies. The effects and various planet settings are so amazing, that you can excuse the absolutely RETARDED dialogue between the characters, and the absurdity of the different creatures and vehicles. A chimpanzee with cerebral palsy could have written the dialogue in this movie; seriously. However, the fact that all these strange characters and beings say funny things and do weird stuff makes it somewhat funny at times. In addition, Natalie Portman is extremely hot, and she definitely made some borderline unwatchable character interaction very, very watchable.

Bottom line, I would recommend seeing this movie. With all the junk out in theatres, it's one of the few films that is worth dropping almost ten bones to see. No... no matinees. I know it's cheaper, but the freaks will be at those shows. The ones that dress up like those white soldier guys. So go check it out, it'll entertain you.

So, that's what I've got tonight. Florida is disturbing me, and Star Wars is a visual marvel. What else is new, right? Until next time, keep it sleazy.