Thursday, May 05, 2005

First Rant... Florida

Hey folks,

I just actually found out what a blog was recently. I had heard of it, but I thought it was just some kind of liberal thing, so I was put off. After thinking about it, I decided "what the hell?" My family and friends are sick of hearing me rant out loud randomly and out of context, so I'll put it into writing. Read it if you choose, but just to let you know, a lot of my rants may not be politically correct, that's the beauty of a lawless space such as the internet. I mean this is a place where you can learn to build a bomb or download horse porn. My rants pale in comparison. Now that that's out of the way, let the games begin.

First off, I know a couple people with these "online journals" or this zanga, or whatnot. These people just write down all their deeply personal things including who their current crush is, what their mood is, feminine health issues, etc. That's just plain weird. First of all, regular people who you know don't want to read about personal things, and if they do, they're probably trying to hook up with that person. That brings me to my next point. Just what in the hell happened to keeping things personal? So anyone with you on their buddy list, which they could have gotten from Facebook, which they could have gotten from your school's student directory, who got your name from the White Pages or something else random, can simply click on your link and find out that your mood is "uneasy" and that your new crush ("you know who you are") is being evasive, that you hate your parents, and that you're going to some punk rock show on Friday! I mean this world is just too fucked up to be saying all this personal shit online. Leading to my next beef.

The State of Florida is a lawless haven for drug addicts, illiterate swamp trash, sex offenders, sleazes, illegal islanders, and child abusers. Unlike most of my peers, I watch a lot of news. I regularly read newspapers online from all over the country. I stay on top of issues. Maybe it's Fox News and CNN who just take these stories to the max, but shit in this state is out of control, and its judiciary is rooted in activism and an absurd disinterest in the public's health and safety. Cases that have occurred recently include:

1) 9 year-old Jessica Lundsford is abducted from her (mobile) home in the Tampa suburb of Homosassa by John Couey, a piece of swamp trash, and convicted sex offender who lived in her neighborhood. She is assaulted, bound, and buried alive. Three other pieces of swamp trash (look up their pictures) including Couey's sister aided the sick bastard and all three blatantly lied to authorities about his whereabouts while the sicko was in the trailer! The local DA does not file charges against the 3 scumbags living in the trailer. Jessica Lundsford's father (who incidentally has a mullet and looks like Alan Jackson) pushed hard in the Florida legislature for change. Recently Gov. Bush signed into law a bill that would mandate 25 years to life minimum sentences for sick fucks who abuse and kill children.

2) 13 year-old Sarah Lunde is kidnapped from her home outside of Tampa. Her mother was away from the weekend, misinterpreting the schedule of a youth group overnight Sarah was on. As her mother was drinking with other lowlifes and her older brother was doing the same, a convicted sex offender, David Onstott, who incidentally Sarah's brilliant mother had dated, abducted Sarah, assaulted her, bound her, and threw her in a nearby pond. This was a girl who spent nearly all her free time at church or at her religious youth group. It's a shame.

3) A 5 year-old kindergartener was taken away from her Central Florida classroom in handcuffs. The young girl was out of control in the classroom, tearing things off the walls, throwing things on the ground, and misbehaving. Then as her teacher began to beg her to stop and behave, the girl began striking the instructor. Since she was out of control, the police were called. 4 armed officers cuffed the little degenerate and shackled her in a squad car. Her mother is suing the school district and police department. She says it's not about money. Yeah. Right. The woman is practically illiterate and indecipherable. They should sue her for raising an out of control, wild animal. You decide who's wrong and who's right.

4) In March, the Dollars, a foster couple from Tampa (see a pattern here?) were arrested in Utah after a long manhunt. It was brought to the attention of DCF (Dept. of Children & Families) by a neighbor, that there may be abuse going on in the Dollar household. After an investigation, a laundry list of abuses were detailed including: striking children's toes with hammers, locking children in closets for hours at a time, starving them, emotional abuse, among other things. A former foster child testified that she knew these things had been going on for a while. This was evidenced by the two teenage children who both weighed under 100 pounds. THIS HAD BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS! DCF didn't once check on these children who were supposed to be in the state's protective custody. Good job guys. Way to raise them. This story was the last straw after I'd been hearing of lost children for years.

5) Finally, a 13 year-old in the state's custody, ran away from her youth home/foster home. She returned this week, pregnant. Not only was this 13 YEAR-OLD pregnant, she requested an abortion. A judge granted the girl the abortion establishing the prescedent of no parental consent/knowledge to get an abortion. Anyone see anything wrong with this??? The girl refuses to say who the father is. Well I'll tell you what he is. He is a statutory rapist. In the state, that is felony. Then a judge grants her an abortion, when she could just give it up for adoption to a family who would do anything to have a child of her own. Good job judge. Good job Florida. Let her go. Let her get pregnant. Don't force her to tell who the rapist is. Give her a state funded abortion. Way to go.

Well there you have it. Florida is a terrible place. Sure some of it is beautiful and pleasant. But the people in charge down there, and the inland sleaze that make up part of its disturbing population continue to give me examples in which to tear it apart. You know when people from Georgia look down on jean shorts because Floridians wear them, you got a problem. So my advice, do not move to Florida if you have children. A Pakistani might rape your 11 year-old and be let out on bail only to flee the country (actually happened; good job judge). Stick to South Beach, then get your ass on a plane and get out.

Good first blog. More to come. If I can write all this on a state I've never been to, what could I write about something I see everyday? Thanks for reading.