Saturday, April 04, 2009

A rampage a day...

What the hell is going on here? First it was a rapist in Oakland on parole who killed four police officers. Then it was a disgruntled ex-vaccum plant worker shooting up a Binghamton, NY immigration center. This of course was immediately followed by a paranoid gun nut (and an apparent anti-semite a-hole) killing 3 more police officers in Pittsburgh today.

--News Alert--

While writing this, the new Yahoo top story contains this headline:

"Police: 5 children, father found dead in Wash."

Seriously. What THE HELL is going on here?

Each case is different, and the Washington murder-suicide (presumably) hasn't been fully investigated yet, but two out of the four rampages (Binghamton, Pittsburgh) have involved unstable individuals losing their jobs.

Of course one cannot blame these massacres on any one factor. Each murderer is responsible for their actions-- not the economy, and not gun laws.

I cannot write an article that would solve any of these specific issues, but each case is infuriating.

Take the Oakland murderer. Here's a career criminal for you. In all reality, this is a person who is genetically human, but actually more closely resembles human feces. Gun charges, assault, rape of a 12 year-old, homicide, you name it. Yet this piece of human garbage was on the streets, out on parole. You can blame the legal system, the prison system, California's fiscal irresponsibility, etc.

The fact remains that this person stood no chance of ever being a productive member of society, and society is better off with people like this 6 feet underground, or under 300 feet of water beneath the Bay Bridge. But no. Lovelle Mixon was a free man who was mourned by 500 racists for being a hero cop killer. Totally nauseating.

I know this isn't the Old West or Afghanistan or Mexico, but all it takes is a 20 cent, .22 caliber bullet to make society safer by killing these Mixon-like degenerates. But no. It costs us millions to try, house, and rehabilitate people like this. What do we get? Four brave public servants dead and their families suffering. And of course widening race divisions...

The Binghamton killer was a crazy Vietnamese immigrant who got a raw deal and hated America for it. He lost his job and got made fun of for his poor English. If everybody who couldn't speak English well and got laid off killed 14 people, the entire country would be dead.

The Pittsburgh guy... same thing. Guy lost his job, but decided to blame Obama and his supposed gun laws-- you know... the ones he hasn't passed yet? How about this? The guy was a mentally ill racist and probably needed to be locked up in a sanitarium. Instead he killed 3 of Pittsburgh's finest.

I must now explain why these gun crimes have nothing to do with gun laws, and why the future calls for gun control by the media and its pundits-- not to mention Atty. General Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and perhaps Obama himself-- are totally irrelevant and borderline unconstitutional.

Guns cannot fire themselves. A person must load it, cock it, point it, and pull the trigger.

Guns can be acquired both legally and illegally.

Criminals are going to be criminals whether the population has access to guns or not.

Would you rather have a population of armed criminals and armed law-abiders or just armed criminals?

In a population as large as ours, there are always going to be bad apples. You know that. But firearms are going to find their way into the hands of criminals whether the rest of the population has access to them or not. And the truth of the matter is, everyone is capable of being a criminal. Whether we are or not is up to us, not gun laws.

These incidents exhibit why we must be more vigilant than ever about people. I know... all doom and gloom, right? But it's gotten to the point where you cannot give borderline personalities the benefit of the doubt-- guns or no guns.

People are just freaking out out there in the midst of a tough world. Some just can't handle it. I hope that we treat these incidents as the isolated incidents that they are instead of overreacting. Because overreacting is exactly why these incidents occurred in the first place.

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