Monday, February 16, 2009

The Octo-Mom... enough to make you sick

This octuplet mom is really starting to make me sick. The more we find out about this situation, the worse and more disturbing it becomes. We now hear that the medical bills from the premature octuplets will result in a $1.3M bill... based on 2006 estimates. Of course, since she is unemployed, this will be billed to the state of California via MediCal. What's even worse is that the kids are going to have to stay in the hospital indefinitely because they all weigh like 2 pounds.

California is in the midst of another staggering deficit, is laying off state employees, and is writing IOU's to vendors... while this wack job is having 14 kids on the government's dime; the taxpayers dime! If you want to throw up in your mouth about the fiscal strain she alone is putting on California, read this LA Times article.

Oh yeah, did I mention her $170k disability payment from the state that she parlayed into plastic surgery as well as the fees to the unscrupulous doctor who implanted unethical amount of embryos inside of her?

If that isn't enough, we find out that this woman, Nadya Suleman, is obsessed with Angelina Jolie-- everything from Jolie's own child hoarding mental illness, to her lips and looks.

I found this before and after picture on this site.

It is beyond obvious that this lady is nuts.

In her mind, she's just doing her thing and she loves having children. I doubt that she sees anything wrong or excessive about her behavior. What needs to happen though, is that if all these poor children survive to be healthy, they need to be removed from her care and put up for adoption. There are a lot of mentally healthy couples out there that cannot have children, and these kids deserve a better shot. The state needs to step in here. There is no way this lady can care for 14 kids by herself, some of which have special needs. It is impossible.

Also, what is horrible about this freak show is this sleazy fertility doctor who played upon Suleman's mental illness for cash. Dr. Michael Kamrava of West Coast IVF Clinic in Beverly Hills is the trashball responsible for this. Of course if you pay people enough, they will do unethical things, but this guy really needs to lose his license. This guy implanted three times as many embryos as he should have. It is medically and ethically harmful. The guy's gotta go.

Even more twisted about this story, is that this Kamrava character and his clinic had among the lowest pregnancy rates in the country. I love the quote from this guy in this LA Times article:
"These are the worst numbers I've ever seen. This is absurdly low," said Dr. Mark Surrey, another fertility specialist in Beverly Hills.

I really hope this story goes away, but I don't think it's going to. It's too weird-- too disturbing. We can't help but rubberneck and slow down traffic by reading and talking about it. These kids are real, and this unbelievable behavior cannot be tolerated as "to each his own" or "it's my body". This can't happen again. Until then, I hope these kids survive and grow up not to be as crazy and harmful as their mother.

I'd tell you to go to her website where she was soliciting donations... but it doesn't work anymore. It probably got 50 million hits... that and the death threats she's gotten from the public. Real classy on both sides.