Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Man arrested for DUI-- Impromptu trip cut short

I wrote the following article about people that I may or may not know, about things that may or may not have happened. Enjoy. I plan to write about that Republican sex pervert next time.

Man arrested for DUI—Impromptu trip cut short

Arroyo Grande, Calif.-

An out of control San Luis Obispo man was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and is being questioned in connection with hundreds of dollars of damage to a local golf course.

Bartholomew Hunt, 21, of San Luis Obispo was pulled over around 3:15 a.m. by California Highway Patrol Officer Bob Wiley just outside of the historic town of Arroyo Grande on Highway 101.

Wiley, a decorated 22 year veteran of the force, observed Hunt traveling at a high rate of speed, changing lanes without signaling, and driving with only the vehicle’s parking lights engaged.

After 5 minutes of observing the white Ford F250 pickup’s behavior, Wiley pulled over the speeding vehicle.

“The driver was obviously intoxicated, and in no way should he have been behind the wheel.” Wiley said, “I’ve seen some drunken folks drive these roads late at night, but never, in my twenty-two years on the force, have I seen a man so incapable of operating a motor vehicle, let alone a four ton mass of steel and diesel power.”

After administering several field sobriety tests, including a “breathalyzer,” Wiley confirmed his suspicions.

“Mr. Hunt was nearly four times the legal limit. I am truly surprised that anyone with that amount of booze in their system could drive at all. By all accounts, he should have been asleep or in need of medical attention.”

Two other occupants in the truck were questioned and released to a sober acquaintance.

Wiley overheard one of the truck’s occupants mention that they were heading to Santa Barbara to see friends after a day of golf.

It is unclear at this time whether Hunt and his companions were involved in the destruction of two Atascadero Municipal Golf Course golf carts earlier in the day.

The police were called out to AMGC at about 3:45 p.m. regarding the incident, and three of the four suspects fit the description of Hunt and his passengers.

AMGC clubhouse manager M. Charles Norris also described the same type of vehicle racing out of the parking lot, driving over curbs and parking lot islands towards the exit.

“These four kids were in my bar, really slamming back the booze. They were really loud and obnoxious—using a lot of racial slurs. Next thing I knew, I had two golf carts partially destroyed, an overflowing men’s room toilet, and an earful from my superiors.” Norris recounted. “I think I heard them say that they were going to some adult book store—probably one of the few places suitable for young men in their condition.”

The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department is investigating whether or not the two incidents are related.

There are also questions about whether a rash of street sign theft last year around the Cal Poly campus has any ties to these men. A white Ford pickup with a Confederate flag front license plate was seen pulling these signs from the ground.

No charges have been filed in either case.