Friday, January 30, 2009

Truly Appalling: Devaluing Our Own Currency

Look, I am no economist, and I do not believe Glenn Beck is the foremost authority on all this... but you must watch this and heed its words.

Thanks to the blog Conservative Today for spreading the content.

If this is accurate, the government's actions are totally reckless. If this continues, our money will be worth nothing. This isn't exactly Zimbabwe territory, but it is not good, to say the least.

Of course irrelevant stimulus bills that cost $1.3 trillion dollars we don't have is going to take a much longer time to pay off with our tax dollars if our paychecks are worth less and less.

And you thought the Bush Administration was disappointing and John McCain was The Maverick... little did you know. I wonder if Barack knows about this.

Funny thing too... didn't Glenn Beck used to be on CNN Headline News? Yup, he sure was. I watch a little less political TV than I used to, mainly because it upsets me. However, Beck's addition to Fox News is a very solid acquisition. The guy is very bright and very legit.

At this point though, I don't even try to defend FNC's conservative political leanings. It is what it is. I prefer it. I won't apologize for that.

What does bother me is when people try to tell me CNN is not a liberal-leaning network. That is a total falsehood.

We've got Hannity/O'Reilly/Beck/Karl Rove, you've got Anderson Cooper (who is definitely "the other way") and Larry King, the "King of Softball Questions".

On a lighter note, here's my Super Bowl pick: Cardinals (+7) over Steelers.

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