Friday, April 10, 2009

Jerks, O'Reilly, and yes, the Octomom

-- So, two posts ago, I was right by calling the Pittsburgh cop killer an anti-semite nutcase-- as evidenced by this CNN article. I'm just happy they caught this son of a bitch alive so that he can suffer in prison for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, he probably now has street cred with the Aryan Union in lockup.

-- So the Octo Mom is fishing for a reality show? Really? I never saw that one coming. She states that one of her reasons is to get off of government assistance. Wow. How noble of you Nadya. Maybe you should have thought of the taxpayers before you had the first 6 kids. Anyone think that if the Octo-loon is plastered all over VH1 or TLC on a nightly basis that Angelina Jolie will have 9 Romanian and Zimbabwean embryos implanted in herself surgically just to one up her? Seriously. I could totally see her doing that. She's probably wearing a vial of Brad's seed around her neck for such purposes. Gross, but... I put the early odds at 30-1, with the over/under of total embryos to be at 4.5. Any takers?

-- On that note, I spoke with a guy a few weeks ago waiting in line. I don't remember how this came up, but he said he was from Whittier (CA). I was like, "Oh. Whittier. Home of the Octomom."

And his response was:

"Yeah! That bitch! It's gotten so bad, I tell people I'm from Chino!"

Yikes... that is bad. Hilarious though.

-- This could be the best novelty shirt of all time. Seriously, give it a click, especially if you're a fan of George Costanza.

-- More Bill O'Reilly bashing by liberal rap music supporters masquerading as journalists. Billy Johnson, Jr. wrote a blog that Yahoo has on its front page blasting O'Reilly's take on Eminem's new video and song that objectifies and denigrates Sarah Palin.

He of course says it's all in fun, and insinuates that Bill is only defending Palin because they're both conservative. He pointed out that Bill didn't jump to the defense of Jennifer Anniston and Lindsay Lohan, who Eminem also mocked. Not the same thing. Jen can't stop feuding with Brangelina in the tabloids and Lindsay Lohan... uh... well... you know.

Bill O's point is, that women's rights groups are all far left organizations that only defend high profile women who fit their ideology and that Eminem is a classless slimewad.

O'Reilly was skewered and smeared all over the place for making a joke about journalist Helen Thomas-- calling her the "Wicked Witch of the East."

Not only does Helen Thomas look like the Witch of the East, but she sounds like her too. Anyway, the online sleaze merchants were all over him over it.

At the time, Bill quipped, "If I were Obama I would've poured water on her, and she'd dissolve."

It was funny, and wasn't as bad as Eminem saying he was going to "----" Sarah Palin while a scantily clad Palin impersonator was lying prone on a table with a polar bear dancing in the background.

So, Mr. Johnson, Jr. The point is, women's rights groups jump to the defense of Helen Thomas, but not Sarah Palin. Anyone who thinks that Mrs. Palin doesn't carry herself with class and dignity is a simpleton and a jerk. (And probably not reading this).

The other point is that 90% of rap music is morally repulsive and denigrates women. Made by jerks, listened to by jerks. Seriously. It is one facet of the downfall of Western Civilization.

-- Really sad stuff with Angels' pitcher Nick Adenhart. The guy had just pitched the game of his life against the Oakland A's, and then... some piece of human garbage took his life away. It's so sad... and weird in a way. I was watching the guy on Sports Center before I went to sleep, then I woke up the next morning to hear he was dead. He had some nasty breaking stuff going and was only 22. I was considering picking him up on my fantasy team.

He was killed by a drunk driver on a suspended license for you guessed it... DUI.

Can we please save California the money and just run this guy over with a Hummer? He doesn't deserve a trial or a life in a cell. He just deserves to get run over by a car. So upsetting.

ESPN's Jerry Crasnick wrote a great piece about Nick.

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